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Nov 29, 2012 7:00pm PST
will this storm last and how much rain will actually fall. john sasaki, ktvu news. >> and live storm tracker 2 is showing an increase in the rainfall across parts of the bay area. that trend will continue in the next couple of hours. you can see the live doppler sweep and reports of rainfall. san francisco, oakland, san mateo, palo alto and the fremont area. here we go significant rainfall. heavier down the creek. as far as the expectations with this system the second storm system moves through the night. a wind advisory and high surf advisory kicks in tomorrow. here is the forecast model it is speeding up the timing a little bit. this is a change. we could be talking about heavy rain as early as friday morning. that's a recent change with this rainfall forecast model. coming up and we'll take a look at pretty impressive rainfall expected with this system and another one that will move in just in time for your weekend. >>> people who live in the santa cruz mountains take a close look at the trees as they see high winds moving in. the cruz family has been keeping a close eye at this rotted tree
Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm PST
, d.c. after word he spoke by phone john boehner. they provide new details to the conversation. the republican plans include $60 billion in spending cuts to federal healthcare programs. >> we have to cut spending and i believe it's appropriate to put rev news on the. >> speaker boehner says his plan will bring in $800 million in new tax revenue. >>> on wall street stocks closed mix. nasdaq fell by 22. led by apple. analyst today suggests am could lose ground to competing android products. >>> big cuts coming to cityback. 11,000 jobs worldwide. that'll save more than a billion dollars a year in expense. bank plans to scale back consumer operation in other country. not sure how many jobs cut in the u.s. >>> and the annual tree lighting ceremony. >>> the tree lying with a help of ten-year-old boy who has autism. the tree is a 50-footal white fir. it's decorated with onments made by disabled children and adults. >>> and more one wanted pets are coming in and fewer being adopted but a new incentive at some south bay shelter may convince some feel take a >>> we're following developin
Dec 4, 2012 7:00pm PST
not been any arrests. >>> software company founder john mechanic after fee has surfaced in public for the first time in weeks. we have pictures in gat maw la city. his attorneys say he is now at a hotel there after sneaking out of neighboring belize where he's wanted for questioning in murder of his neighbor. says he fears persecution in belize and plans to seek asylum in gat gat. he spent weeks narrating his life on the lamb through e-mails, blog posts and calls to reporters. >>> and we are learning tonight more about the san francisco man charged in an attack on an autistic teen. oakland police say surveillance video from the fruitvale bart station helped lead them to 36-year-old gary steven atkinson. he was charged today with multiple counts including kidnapping and rape. police say atkinson has a criminal record. investigators say the 16-year-old was kidnapped after leaving the fred finch youth center in oakland last tuesday. the injured girl was found on an muni bus in san francisco two days later. >>> state attorney general has the immigration and customs enforcement program
Dec 3, 2012 7:00pm PST
in a ditch. >>> john mcafee is denying reports that he was arrested. he said it was a double that was arrested. tech possible posted a notice on his blog that he is safe and no longer in the caribbean nation where authorities say he is a person of interest in the killing of his neighbor. mcafee says he peers the police want to kill him. >>> back in court nearly four years after he was shot tod. the federal court in san francisco are considering a lawsuit against two other officers. the officers' attorney say they should be aloud immunity because the shooting was an accident. >> this was a mistake. >> given all the evidence we have a jury could find him responsible for the taking of the life of grant. >> the court is not expected to make a decision on the case for months. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in a criminal court. >>> a medical marijuana dispensary has won in court. landlord has asked the federal judge to order the dispensary to stop greg and selling marijuana in her building. >>> the u.s. supreme court has once again delayed a decision on proposition 8
Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm PST
.com today. >>> the smell of gas evacuated an elementary school. it was detected in john luehr elementary. no gas was detected on their monitors and students returned to class about 15 minutes later. p pg&e crews remained on scene to investigate but no word on the source of the smell. >>> eight defendants charged in the beating of a 14-year-old will not enter pleas until next year. today, the judge in this case criticized the police for the slow pace of releasing evidence to the defense attorneys. they defend today it as overworked and under staffed. they were broughtly beaten. >>> the authorities in the south bay are investigating an early morning break in at a home that left one man dead. this is the first homicide there since 1972. hernandez explains how the weather made things more difficult for investigators. >> reporter: these locked gates are meant to keep out crime. last night they didn't. the wife inside made a desperate 911 call summoning the police to the home. saying she freed herself after being tied up in a home invasion, seven minutes later they found the mansion ransacked
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5